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On Friday 42 children from KS2, along with several adults, went on a trip to Knowsley Safari Park. It was an early start with a lot of very excited children (I won’t mention that some adults were more excited). The day was very busy with lots to do. We had an African workshop which told us about lots of different animals found in Africa and the children got to touch Giant African land snails, a millipede and even Madagascan hissing COCKROACHES!
We visited the zoo area where we saw elephants, meercats, giraffes and much more before we went to see the sealion show, which was the favourite of all. After that we went to see a bird of prey display with some low flying vultures, I’m surprised we have all still got our hair!
As the heavens opened we scurried on to the warm, safety of the coach to begin the next part of our adventure around the safari park. We came eye to eye with Baboons, Lions, Buffalo, Deer, Tiger and Rhino to name but a few.
The day ended with a long journey home in the rain but this did not dampen the high spirits of the children from an amazing day.

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