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New look library

October 1, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Well what a busy summer myself and some colleagues had changing our library into an enchanted forest, complete with waterfall and fairies. The look on the children’s faces has been magical and some children in orange base were so excited with the fairy doors that they were struggling to get the words out correctly. This […]

The best library in the whole wide world 

My favourite thing at Knowsley was the African display! I love touching the sculls of different African animals. The bird of prey display was magnificent! One of the bird’s wings swiped across my face. I love birds of all sorts especially birds’ of pray! But most of all I loved the peacocks’ running around wild!! […]

8th of May i went to Safari Park with my teachers and my class.I’ve a wonderful day,I saw some sea lions show and birds of prey.When i was watching the birds of prey i feel scared and Miss Daly gave me warm hug then i feel better. And the man was speaking,he was telling us […]

The trip to Knowsley was a competition for us Bankside children to win. We had loads of fun there. We saw outstanding, beautiful animals such as baboons, lions, tigers, giraffes, cockroaches, snails and meerkats. We also saw a sea lion show. The sea lions were doing funny but fantastic things. They were doing things that […]

On Friday 42 children from KS2, along with several adults, went on a trip to Knowsley Safari Park. It was an early start with a lot of very excited children (I won’t mention that some adults were more excited). The day was very busy with lots to do. We had an African workshop which told […]

What busy half term this has been for the library. We have had numerous competitions going on within school including one that is currently still running…. Mr Akhtar in year 6 has entered the school into a competition for David Walliams to visit the school one day over World Book week, fingers crossed we win!! […]

                    What an amazing evening was had by all! The play was fantastic and so were our children (and staff). All the children were literally sat on the edge of their seats, mesmorised. The bubble of excitement whilst waiting for the play to begin was cut […]

Autumn Term

October 20, 2014 | Leave a Comment

WOW! What a year we have had. The library has had a massive makeover to make room for more reading resources, which have been extremely well received by both the children and staff. I am finding more and more children are borrowing books and learning to enjoy reading for pleasure. With the introduction of the […]

Book Blogs

June 29, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Hi, There are lots of books in the world and sometimes it is hard to know which ones are good to read. Thankfully, the library has added a new link that has the top 100 blogs for children so you can find lots of other people trying to share their reading experiences and find new […]

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